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Puck's Garden
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Heirloom Annuals + Foliage

Heirloom Annuals + Foliage

Puck’s Garden

Heirloom Annuals + Foliage

Puck’s Garden was born from the desire to have daily access to florist grade flowers. I wanted great cut flowers with all the colors and textures and beauty thrown in. I wanted to cultivate their beauty to harvest and share! I decided to grow all the hard to find heirloom annuals. The ones we all crave but only dream about. Those old fashioned beauties you read about. Three foot tall crisp snapdragons and fluffy, clove-scented stock. Italian poppies with petals like silk chiffon that bring joy and amazement as they unfold and gorgeous sweat peas with their heavenly scent! The French ranunculus that last long in the vase with a palette of colors that leave you swooning for more. The little French pastry pink picotee to the others whose colors leave you breathless!

The annuals are started from seed. The rest are grown from bulbs, tubers, and corms. The perennials are curated from growers across the country like the exquisite roses bred by David Austin.

l love them all. Just as much as you do!

Your Uptown Flower Source


Harvest for Longevity

It’s important to us that our flowers last.

Have you ever purchased a lovely bunch of flowers only to have them fail in three days? So disappointing. It’s all about the harvest and handling. So much happens from the time a flower stem is cut at the grower until it reaches you at the store. Failure is just around the corner. We take the necessary steps to ensure the freshest flowers and foliage for our clients. Puck’s Garden will harvest for our client once the order is confirmed and the date is set for delivery or pick up.

In other words, we harvest just for you!

How can I get freshly harvested flowers?


Floral Subscriptions + Flower Bunches

Harvested Just For You

 Floral subscriptions are an easy and economical way to enjoy a variety of flowers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Your flowers are cut and prepared so that you receive fully hydrated stems ready for your artistic touch! Subscriptions make a wonderful gift for the flower lover in your life! It’s a wonderful way to gift weeks of fresh flowers! Subscriptions begin at $35.00 for each delivery for a period of four - six weeks or longer. You can view many of the flowers that are in production by clicking the 2019 list at the top right. To sign up for a floral subscription send us a message in ‘Contact Us’.

Bulk flower orders are also available. This is a terrific way to get florist quality blooms for your special party or event. Now you can have an abundance of flowers and greens at an affordable rate. Please inquire regarding quantity and pricing through our message center ‘Contact Us’.

Just looking for a great bunch of flowers to lift your spirits or bring home for the weekend? Let us know in ‘Contact Us’. We make every effort to meet your expectation!

Garden Arrangement in a Bowl


Floral arrangements are a beautiful gift anytime and for any reason! Flowers celebrate and congratulate! They welcome new people, new jobs and new homes! They say “I care. I love. I remember. I think about you, I’m proud of you. I’m worried about you”. They bring smiles and lift spirits! They say “Thank You!”

Please contact me regarding your order of flowers. I want to ensure that your gift meets every expectation. Price of arrangements begins at $50.

Molly Picchi and Puck

It’s been about thirty years I think….it was time for a do over. Time to reinvent myself. This time, however, it’s about passion. What I do. What I love. It’s all about flowers. Perennials, heirloom annuals, woodies, vines, bulbs, corms, seeds and tubers. Everything!

Puck, as you probably know is a character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He was also an adorable Corgi I had. He was unusual to say the least. When I first got him, he resembled a rabbit more than a dog. His ears were floppy and his coat was gray. Although he ended up being a red and white dog, he never quite figured out what to do with his ears so one stayed up and the other stayed down. Puck was playful and full of mischief and I adored him.

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Please send a detailed message with your request. We will follow up with you quickly and answer any questions you may have. Once your order is set, we will email your receipt for payment. You may also pay with cash or a check at time of delivery. We look forward to working with you!

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